nadl-logo.jpgIn recent years, some discount labs and dentists in the US have oursourced the creation of crowns and bridges to labs in China with very mixed results.


Documented Cases of Lead Contamination in Off Shore Dental Laboratory Restorations

Recently, NADL was contacted by a dental patient in Ohio who has documentation of lead contamination in her dental restoration. The affected patient, a senior citizen, received a three-unit dental bridge from a dentist in Ohio. After having an adverse reaction to her dental work, and having it removed, the dentist disclosed that the prescription was sent to an offshore dental laboratory and disclosed to the patient that the restoration was made in China. The patient then had the restoration sent to a chemical laboratory for analysis. The documentation of the dental material analysis of this patient

What is ZirconiaBlog?

The dental laboratory industry has been using Zirconia (yttria-stabilized zirconium dioxide) as a dental framework material for several years in our dental laboratories, working with a variety of milling systems and materials.

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